How to Choose the Right Magazine Holder

If you are a frequent reader, you need to invest in a magazine holder to keep your magazines orderly. However not every magazine holder can suit your needs, there are guidelines to choosing the right magazine holder.

Your Budget

There are a variety of good magazine holders in the market. You can buy any rack that you want depending on the amount of money that you are willing to spend. If you are willing to spend a good amount of money, the types of racks to go for include those made from: enamel, hard-wood, leather, vintage and high quality metal. If you are looking to spend a moderate amount of money, you should go for a rack that is made from canvas, distressed wood, stainless steel and Acrylic. For a small budget you will get racks made from plastic, resin and wood veneer.

Space available

Before you buy a magazine holder, you must be aware of the space that it is going to occupy. If you have a large space in the office or in your house then you can go for the free standing magazine holder. It is able to hold many magazines and also adds ambience to your space. If you have limited space, you can go for the wall hanging magazine racks which are equally effective. They come in different sizes and are more convenient. You can also go for table top racks if you have limited space.


The safety of the rack is another way that you can use to choose the right holder. If you are choosing a magazine holder for your home and you have small kids, you will have to go for something that does not break. You can also opt to go for the free standing holder as opposed to the wall hanging ones. This is because the wall hanging might accidently drop on the kids or the kids might fall while trying to reach for a magazine from the holder. However, if you want to go for the wall hanging, ensure that it is within the children’s reach. You can also opt for the basket racks which you can strategically place in your house.

The Person Using the Rack

If you are buying a rack for a person who is able to reach to the top pocket then you can go for a free standing or a wall hanging rack. However, if the user is unable to stand, it would be appropriate to go for a rack that he/she can easily access. In this case you can go for a tabletop display rack. This one can be reached by any individual while sitting or standing.

The Amount of Literature you want to Display

You need to go for a rack that is able to carry the weight of your magazines. If you have too much, then you should consider buying a free standing rack. Remember also to consider the make since there are those that will break if too much weight is placed on them. Also, if you are looking to displaying small publications such as brochures, you should go for table top racks that your clients can easily access of such as rotating racks where a client can be able to get the various brochures easily. The publications that can be placed on a magazine holder include:

  •  Brochures
  •  Magazines
  •  Books
  •  Newspapers
  •  Maps


A magazine holder also acts as an accessory to your home or office. You, therefore need to consider the different designs in the market and choose one that adds value to your home in terms of interior design. You can go for one that blends well with your theme color or ones that allow a person to read the tittle of a book from afar.

A magazine holder does not only help to put your magazines in an orderly manner but can also act as an accessory for your home and office. There are criteria that you can use to choose the right magazine holder. You have to consider your budget while purchasing one since there are different options in the market. You also, need to consider the space available, safety, mobility of the person using the holder and the amount of literature you intend to display.